Review from Vital Weekly (Frans de Waard)

Together with a dozen of music lovers (click for names) Frans de Waard runs a Blog called Vital Weekly. Vital Weekly is an e-mail magazine and has the latest CD-revieuws and news on concert and festivals.

He wrote a BRODROV review on their blog.

This band name should be pronounced as ‘broodroof’, which is hard to translate, but roughly meaning that you under cut the price of the competition – say because you are an amateur or doing illegal business. It’s the duo of Hubertez de Bode and Frans Roovers, who have been playing together since 2001, but only now have time and place to release seven pieces from the first ten years of working together. Maybe none of their other work is deemed fit or appropriate, but maybe they are just very critical. They play around with a bunch of samples, voices, synthesizers, loops, theremin, vinyl and such like but also the rhythm machine plays an important role here. Of course the wordplay continues in the title, and there is indeed a vague similarity with krautrock to be detected in this music. More Cluster than Tangerine Dream, I should think, especially in a track like the spacious opening piece ‘Spacetric’. Both in ‘Daisuke’ and ‘Angry German Kid’ they use taped voices, the latter indeed an angry German kid, but it doesn’t make those pieces stronger. They are at their best when voices are absent, used sparsely or at least reduced a minimum, I think, when it becomes an instrument in itself, and is not as much on top of the music. Then this krauty electronic music works at its best.  It’s well played, funny, and while not entirely original, it’s actually not something I encounter a lot. I wonder what this would sound like in concert though. (FdW)

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